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Stupid Citybank Security Questions

I was asked to pick three security questions, and for one of them I used:   "What is the last name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend?"   I typed in my answer and clicked "Submit".  An error message poped out: Your … Continue reading

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officemate回家前往地上撒了一些碎纸屑,让我不解。。。 深夜,清洁工人进来打扫,见地上的一片狼藉,遂动用吸尘器将办公室的地板好好清洁了一番。 原来,有时候貌似的背道而驰其实也可以是达到目的的手段。   Disclaimer: 不鼓励小朋友们随地乱丢纸屑。

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