Stupid Citybank Security Questions

I was asked to pick three security questions, and for one of them I used:
"What is the last name of your first boyfriend or girlfriend?"
I typed in my answer and clicked "Submit".  An error message poped out:
Your answer must have at least 4 characters.
Great, now I get to change my first girlfriend…
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8 Responses to Stupid Citybank Security Questions

  1. Hua says:

    Good for you.

  2. Jinghai says:


  3. Heidi says:


  4. Jiaxin says:

    that question got me too,haha

  5. Ray says:


  6. 小西 says:


  7. xinghua says:

    obviously your first girl\’s name is longer than 4 chars! Don\’t ignore it…

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